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Functions - Monitoring & Evaluation Division

  • To establish an effective well-functioning  integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Ministry
  • To monitor and evaluate progress of policies, projects and programmes under the purview of the Ministry  at regular intervals to ensure their successful implementation;
  • To collect, collate and analyse sector data on indicator achievements  to facilitate  reporting 
  • To prepare and monitor the implementation of the  Sector Medium Term Plan (AWP)
  • To ensure the Ministry`s Budget is aligned with the work plan
  • The Division is charged with the responsibility for the development  and implementation of an integrated monitoring and evaluation  system and processes to ensure timely implementation, reporting and feedback of lessons learnt from the rollout out of the policies and programs into the Ministry’s decision making architecture
  • The Division is also responsible for preparing and tracking implementation of the Ministry’s Sector Medium Term Development Plan and key policy initiatives. 
  • Develop and rollout relevant M&E tools and processes that will support effective monitoring and reporting across the Divisions and Agencies of the Ministry
  • Undertake physical monitoring of projects and programmes
  • To prepare the Ministry`s handing over notes every 4 years


  • Preparation of the Sector Medium Term Development Plan
  • Consolidated Monitoring and Evaluation Plans for the Ministry.
  • Preparation of Annual Work Plans 
  • Quarterly progress reports for the Ministry.
  • The  Annual Progress Report for the Ministry for submission to the NDPC
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