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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have a financial proposal to submit to the government. Do I submit it to the Ministry of Finance?
No. All proposals are to be submitted to the sector Ministries. These sector ministries will then follow due process and forward them to the Ministry of Finance.

What is the priority list of projects for any particular year?
Every year the list of priority projects is published in the budget at appendix 10c
What are the requirements for a Government Authority Letter?
  • CV
  • Employer’s statement
  • Admission letter.
  • Should have worked for at least 2 years
  • Should have completed national service

How long does it take to receive the government statement after application?
Usually, less than 48 hours.

How does the Ministry of Finance do recruitment?
The Ministry of Finance does not undertake recruitment. All Civil Service recruitments are done by the Office of the Head of Civil Service.
How do I get a tax exemption on a Government Contract?
The MDA must submit an application for tax exemption to MoF, with the following attached documents;
  • A copy of the loan agreement
  • Customs validation and valuation reports
  • Packing list.
  • Bill of lading

How do I get a tax exemption as an NGO?
NGOS must submits application letter to the relevant Ministry with the following attachments;

  • Registration documents of the NGO
  • Letter from donor (If consignment was donated to the applicant).
  • Bills of lading of the consignment.
  • Packing list.
  • The relevant Ministry recommends the application to MoF.

How do I get data on tax collections?
By applying to Ministry of Finance or GRA.

What documents are needed in addition to quotations?
  • Valid Business Certificate
  • Valid VAT certificate
  • Valid GRA certificate
  • SSNIT certificate
  • Public Procurement Authority 

I am a consultant with a proposal for the Ministry of Finance. What do I do?
Kindly drop your proposal at the registry of the Ministry of Finance

Who can apply to the Ministry of Finance for Financial clearance?
MDA’s can apply for financial clearance from the Ministry of Finance.

What process must MDA’s follow to apply for financial clearance?
MDAs must submit application for financial clearance with the following attachments;

  • Technical Clearance from PSC/OHCS.
  • Evidence of approved budgetary provision for the recruitment. 
What are the requirements for Biometric Registration of New Entrants/Pensioners in the Public Service?
For New Entrants:
  • Financial Clearance 
  • Original copy of appointment letter or Approval letter of replacement 
  • Most recent payslip 
  • SSNIT Records (SSNIT Number)
  • State Issued ID
  • Introductory letter (containing staff ID)

For Pensioners:

  • Release letter
  • Valid National ID
  • Pensioners ID
  • Initial pension payment letter

What if my introductory letter does not indicate my staff ID?
Kindly attach Staff ID to introductory letter.

After registering as a student, do I need to register again after I complete school?
No. Individuals can only register once.

What if my registration has expired? 
Kindly come to the office and your ID will be reactivated

What if I have mistakenly registered twice?
The second account will have to be deactivated.