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About MoF


The MoF is one of the Central Management Agencies of the Civil Service of Ghana.

The Ministry was established under sections 11 & 13 of the Civil Service Law 1993 (PNDCL 327) as amended by an Executive Instrument 28 (E.I. 28) Civil Service (Ministries) (Amendment Instrument, 2017) to ensure effective and efficient Macroeconomic and Financial Management of Ghana’s economy.


To be the lead Economic Management Institution for development and prosperity for all Ghanaians.



To ensure effective economic policy management for the attainment of macroeconomic stability and sustainable economic growth through sound fiscal policy and efficient public financial management by deploying competent staff and robust systems for the development of Ghana.


The goal of the Ministry is to ensure efficient and effective management of the economy towards the attainment of upper middle income status and poverty reduction



  • P - Professional
  • E - Ethical
  • E - Efficient
  • R - Responsive
  • Transforming Ghana Beyond Aid




  • Formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate macroeconomic, fiscal and financial policies for sustainable development.
  • Ensure effective mobilization of domestic and external resources.

  • Ensure efficient and effective allocation and prudent management of resources.

  • Establish and disseminate performance-oriented guidelines and deploy efficient financial management information systems

  • Ensure commitment to transparency, probity and accountability in the management of financial resources

  • Ensure sustainability of public debt

  • Development of an efficient financial sector that supports structural transformation of the economy, promotes financial inclusion and is well integrated into the global financial system.