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Functions - Revenue Policy Division


The functions of the Revenue Policy Division include the following:

  • Develop and propose tax and non-tax revenue policies;
  • Analyze and propose tax and non-tax revenue legislations working closely with the appropriate institutions;
  • Develop and maintain revenue forecasting and economic models;
  • Work in conjunction with the relevant agencies to undertake sensitization on revenue policy issues to facilitate voluntary compliance;
  • Monitor the implementation and adherence to tax policy obligations under International Agreements and Conventions in Ghana;
  • Represent the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Ghana at negotiations on bilateral and multilateral Treaties and Agreements to ensure that revenue is safeguarded and agreements reached do not conflict with national tax policies;
  • Advice the Minister of Finance on tax and non-tax revenue policy-related issues; and 
  • Any other related responsibilities that will be assigned by the Minister.
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