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Overview - Revenue Policy Division

The Revenue Policy Division (RPD) was established in September 2016, to bring together all tax and non-tax revenue functions within the Ministry of Finance. This was to ensure efficiency and cohesion in the Ministry’s domestic revenue mobilization efforts.


The new Division has two main functional Units: Tax Policy Unit (TPU) and Non-Tax Policy Unit (NTPU) supported by ten sub units or Desks. The TPU is made up of five desks namely: Direct Taxation Desk; Indirect Taxation Desk; International Taxation Desk; Tax Exemptions and Legislations Desk and Natural Resource, Research and Monitoring Desk. The NTPU is made up of five desks namely: Economic Sector; Social Sector; Public Safety and Infrastructure Sector; Administrative Sector and Auction Sales of Government Unserviceable Vehicles.


To be recognized for innovation and professionalism in the formulation of sound revenue policies.


To formulate sound and effective revenue policies, ensure its efficient implementation in order to raise revenue for sustainable economic development.


The Division’s objectives are to:

  • Raise revenue for financing government expenditure; 
  • Improve Domestic Revenue mobilization and management; 
  • Encourage savings and investment that promote social justice and equity; and
  • Improve credibility of revenue estimates (i.e. revenue budget).