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Recruitment of Procurement Specialist (GH-GDFP-270752-CS-INDV)

Assignment Title: Recruitment of Procurement Specialist

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has received from the World Bank toward the cost of the Ghana Development Finance Project (the Project), and it intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services. The Project’s objective is to support the establishment of a financially sustainable development bank to increase access to finance, in particular long-term finance, for viable MSMEs and small corporates. The development bank – Development Bank of Ghana (DBG) – will provide wholesale financing/lines of credit and partial credit guarantees (PCGs) to eligible participating financial institutions (PFIs), and support the development of a digital financing platform, among other activities.

The $250 million project has four components: (i) long-term wholesale financing and technical assistance; (ii) partial credit guarantee facility and digital financing platform; (iii) capital market development; and (iv) project management, monitoring, and evaluation.

To supplement its capacity to manage the Project, the MoF intends to recruit a full-time Procurement Specialist for the Project. The procurement Specialist will report to the Project Director through the Project Coordinator.|

To carry out the functions of the procurement portfolio for the Ghana Development Finance Project to ensure the project objectives are achieved.

Under the supervision of the Project Coordinator, and in close collaboration with the Project Team, the Procurement Specialist will be based in Ghana and will be expected to perform the following functions:

  • Ensure that the procurement under the project is conducted in accordance with the procedures and procurement plan agreed with the World Bank;
  • Lead and co-ordinate all procurement processes, including the preparation of annual procurement plan for the project and the Project Procurement Strategy for Development when needed;
  • Collaborate closely with MoF, DBG and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in preparing Terms of Reference (ToRs), technical specifications, expressions of interest, advertisements, short listing, bidding documents, evaluation reports, letters of awards, draft contracts, etc. for the procurement of goods/works and services (including consultancies and non-consulting services);
  • Assist the Project Coordinator in organizing and supporting evaluation committees for prompt evaluation of bids, conducting interviews, and carrying their related activities.
  • Ensure proper documentation and timely reporting of the evaluation committees’ deliberations and findings, prepare draft contracts and obtain "no objection" for evaluation reports and draft contracts from the WB;
  • Assist to establish and maintain a central procurement filing system at the office for the project, and ensure all related documents are included in the respective files, to ensure ease of retrieval of information and the ease of following the paper trail of procurement by independent external auditors or authorised agents;
  • Manage the Systematic Tracking of Exchanges in Procurement (STEP) of the project, including uploading procurement plans, real-time updating of the STEP at various stages of the procurement process of each procurement activity;
  • Prepare annual results based procurement planning and disbursement forecast for the project;
  • Liaise with World Bank procurement staff;
  • Provide guidance to project beneficiaries and project team on the procedures governing different procurement methods;
  •  Effectively influence and align strategies and expectations and manage individual priorities given a set of procurement performance objectives;
  • Provide contract management support for strategic and major contracts across multiple categories;
  • Co-ordinate and organize various documents/procurement files for all types of procurement audit reviews including procurement post review by the World Bank;
  • Track progress of procurement activities against procurement timetables, highlight variations in progress, record reasons and identify remedial actions, if any;
  • Prepare periodic progress reports on the procurement plan to be submitted to Project Coordinator;
  • Ensure all procurement recommended actions from PPR and AM are addressed as planned and reported on in the Project procurement report;
  • Carry out any other relevant work related to the project assigned by the Project Director and Project Coordinator.
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