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Functions - External Resources Mobilization - Bilateral

The ERM-B is to provide advice and strategic support to management in a manner that promotes and enhances the national interest and to ensure the optimum mobilization of external resources as well as the effective and efficient utilization of the resources mobilized. Function of the ERM-B includes: 

  • Formulation of development cooperation policies and agreements that properly align external assistance to national priorities;
  • Mobilization of external resources in the form of grants, loans, mixed credits and other bilateral financing instruments to complement shortfalls in domestic resources needed to support the national budget;
  • Oversight responsibilities in the effective utilization of DP funds, project implementation and monitoring to achieve development outcomes;
  • Coordination of bilateral external economic relations with other MDAs in the area of trade, investments, human resource training, private sector activities among others;
  • Conduct development financing policy papers to guide future development cooperation and government public financial arrangements;
  • Advise on operational efficiencies by developing relevant systems, procedures and controls to guide our engagement with development partners (DPs) and MDAs;
  • Promotion of satisfactory and improved client relationships with DPs, MDAs, MMDAs, CSOs, academia, public and other stakeholders; 
  • Provide upgrading of staff technical skills to confront the changing architecture in development cooperation; and 
  • Any other function as directed by the Minister for Finance.
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and as part of measures to ensure the safety of all our stakeholders,
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