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January 2019 2-Year & 3-Year Treasury Bond Issuance

Book-build opens 9:00 AM, Wednesday January 2, 2019. Revised Pricing Guidance (released as necessary during the Book-build). Revised and Final Pricing Guidance (released as necessary during the Book-build). Books are expected to close around 2:30 PM on Thursday, January 3, 2019.

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Government’s Issuance Calendar for First Quarter, 2019

The calendar is developed based on the 2019 Net Domestic Financing as stipulated in the 2019 Budget and Economic Policy of Government, domestic debt maturities and the Medium Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDS) for 2019-2022. The calendar shows the securities that are intended to be issued for the period January to March, 2019.

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The Accra Action Charter

We, Business Leaders and high-level representatives of Business Associations, and Philanthropic Organizations haven met in Accra for the Sustainable Development Goals Investment Fair: Agree that the 2030 Agenda is transformative, universal and places people and planet at the center and that the goals are interconnected by the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environment.

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