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Eurobond Market Overwhelmingly Endorses Ghana as the Country Successfully Nears Completion of the IMF Programme

Ghana successfully raised US$3 billion in Eurobonds yesterday. The country’s strong  macroeconomic  performance  over  the  past  two  years  and  bright  future  prospects  were  confirmed  by  the  Capital  Markets  with  an  unprecedented  order-book  in  excess  of  US$21  billion; an oversubscription of more than seven (7) times the largest ever in Africa to-date.

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MoF Staff Employee Wellbeing Policy Launched

A handbook that spells out the Ministry of Finance’s Employee Wellbeing policy on communicable and non-communicable diseases including HIV and AIDS, hypertension, cancers and malaria has been launched by the Hon. Deputy Minister of Finance, in charge of Revenue Mr. Kwaku Kwarteng at the Ministry of Finance during the Ministry’s first staff durbar of the year.

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2019 Annual Borrowing and Recovery Plan

The Ministry of Finance is committed to ensuring transparency, accountability and predictability of Government’s borrowing operations. Consistent with this commitment, we prepared and published the 2019 Medium Term Debt Strategy (MTDS), during the 2018 fiscal year.

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2019 Budget Implementation Instructions

Following the passage of the Appropriation Act, 2017, (Act 951) by Parliament, the Ministry has issued this Budget Implementation Instructions in accordance with the PFM Act 921, to guide all Ministers (Principal Account holders) and Chief Directors (Principal spending officers) in the implementation of the 2019 Budget.

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