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Request for Expression of Interest

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (‘GETFUND’ or the ‘Borrower’) invites proposal from banking and financing firms that meet the eligibility criteria for selection as financiers, to submit a written proposal for the creation of a medium-term financing facility with an availability period of 24 months.

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June 2018 3-Year Treasury Bond Issuance

Book-build opens 9:00 AM, Wednesday June 27, 2018. Revised Pricing Guidance (released as necessary during the Book-build). Revised and Final Pricing Guidance (released as necessary during the Book-build). Books are expected to close around 2:00 PM on Thursday, June 28, 2018.

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Ghana – Germany sign Two Financial Cooperation Agreements

The Governments of the Republic of Ghana and the Federal Republic of Germany signed two Agreements in relation to a Financial Cooperation Agreement on the Sound Disposal and Recycling of electric and electronic waste (e-waste) and Loan and Financing Agreements for the Establishment of the Ghana Deposit Protection Scheme on 12th June 2018.

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