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Ghana Ready and Committed to Host the 56th African Development Bank (AfDB) Annual General Meetings

Ghana Ready and Committed to Host the 56th African Development Bank (AfDB) Annual General Meetings

Accra, Friday 13th November, 2020 -  Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta has indicated government’s preparedness to host the next African Development Bank Annual General Meetings (AGM) in Accra in 2021.

He made this known after the signing of Memorandum of Understanding of the requirements for the hosting of the AGM in Ghana between the Government and the African Development Bank.

“Today, we have gathered to sign this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the requirements for the hosting of the AGM. I would like to mention that we have carefully reviewed this MOU and find it satisfactory. The signing is yet another indication of our strong commitments to delivering on all requirements for hosting of the 2021 AGM”, Mr. Ofori-Atta stated.

He disclosed that, Ghana upon official notification to host the AfDB Annual meetings requested the Bank to conduct an evaluation mission to assess the country’s capacity and suitability for high level events.


The team after the evaluation conducted in April 2016 found Ghana to possess all the necessary facilities to host any high level event including the Bank’s Annual Meeting.

A preparatory mission was hosted in Ghana from 12th to 16th October, 2020 to further assess the country’s capacity and reliability in terms of the required facilities for hosting the Bank’s annual meetings. Key institutions and offices the mission team met included; Bank of Ghana, National Security, Ghana Tourism Authority, Motor Traffic and Transport Division (MTTD), National Information and Technology Agency (NITA).

Others included 37 Military Hospital, Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge) Ghana Ambulance Service, Ministry of Communication, Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Ghana Immigration Service and Ghana Airport Company.

Mr. Ofori-Atta again added that Government was in the process of inaugurating the Inter-Ministerial Committee made up of Ministers of State, Local Organizing Committee or Coordinating Committee and Nine sub-committees on the thematic areas of the AGM requirements.

“I would like to express great appreciation to the Bank for entrusting the hosting of the 56th Annual Meetings of the AfDB and 47th Annual Meetings of the ADF from 24th to 28th May, 2021 in Accra and reiterate our joy in this honour to host the event”, the Minister stated.

The Secretary General of the African Development Bank Group, Prof. Vincent Nmehielle who signed the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Bank commended the President of Ghana for his strong and continued support for the African Development Bank Group.

He stated that the selection of Ghana to host the meetings was informed by a report submitted to the Board of Governors following an evaluation mission to Ghana in April 2016.

The Secretary General revealed that due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic, the MOU provided for three scenarios for the hosting of the Meetings. 

Scenario A, he stated, allowed for full-fledged Annual Meetings as per the AfDB Group’s normal practice. Scenario B also allowed for limited Annual Meetings focusing only on Statutory Matters, whereas Scenario C would be Virtual Annual Meetings.

“It is however heart-warming to learn that Ghana is working on preparations for Scenario A, namely the full-fledged Annual Meetings”, Prof. Nmehielle noted.

The signing of Memorandum of Understanding was attended by officials of the Ministry of Finance, a delegation from the African Development Bank and the media. END

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