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Overview - Public Investment and Assets Division


To be recognized as a highly professional Division within the Ministry of Finance dedicated to the efficient and effective management of public investments, state interests and assets to support Ghana’s accelerated growth.


The Division exists to ensure efficient and effective management of public investments, state interests and assets for the promotion of sustainable economic growth and development of Ghana through the formulation and enforcement of robust legal, institutional and regulatory frameworks.



  • To improve the enabling environment for efficient and effective development, implementation and regulation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) infrastructure and services projects.
  • To strengthen Public Investment Management System for efficient and effective delivery of public infrastructure and services.
  • To strengthen the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for efficient and effective management of State interests in entities and utilization of public assets.
  • To ensure effective management of Public Entities and Assets through effective corporate governance and regulatory systems and mechanisms.


  • Develop a national public investment policy.
    1. Establish an appropriate policy framework to guide public investment decisions;
  • Efficiently allocate resources for public investments.
    1. Establish a comprehensive national database of public investment programmes;
    2. Provide a gate keeping role through the use of specialised appraisal tools;
  • Coordinate and implement the National PPP program.
    1. Establish and enforce policy, institutional, legal and regulatory framework for PPPs in Ghana
    2. Provide transaction advisory role for PPP projects;
    3. Monitor and evaluate PPP projects.
  • Oversee the management of state investments in SOE’s and Joint Ventures;
    1. Monitor commercial and strategic investments of Government using effective portfolio management tools;
  • Coordinate and guide government negotiating teams for strategic investment projects including PPPs.
  • In partnership with executing agencies, ensure that the design and coordination of identified strategic economic development projects are undertaken and completed on schedule