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Government’s Issuance Calendar for Second Quarter, 2018

The calendar is developed based on the 2018 Net Domestic Financing (NDF) as stipulated in the 2018 Budget and Economic Policy of Government, domestic debt maturities and the Medium Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDS) for 2018-2021. The calendar shows the securities that are intended to be issued for the period April to June, 2018.

The Calendar also takes into consideration Government’s liability management programme, market developments (both domestic and international) and the Debt Management objective of lengthening the maturity profile of the public debt.

Please note that Government plans to issue a gross amount of GHȼ11,325.00 million, of which GH¢8,748.00 million is to rollover maturities (Note that this is not a new debt). The remaining GH¢2,577.00 million is to meet Government’s financing requirements for the period.