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Speech by Mr. Enoch H. Cobbinah, Chief Director

Your Excellency, this Workshop marks the end of a 2-year technical assistance project on ‘Strengthening M&E Capacity’ under which 70 Ghana Government officials drawn from twelve (12) MDAs have received training in M&E in Japan and elsewhere abroad.

I am also informed that the Workshop is to afford a cross-section of the Ghanaian Public Service and the Media directly connected with Monitoring and Evaluation, the opportunity to learn from the M&E experiences of Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam and how Ghana could draw lessons from these countries to improve its own M& E System.

Your Excellency, Distinguished, Ladies, and Gentlemen, the Country-Focused training programme in M&E with both theoretical and practical content, is the first of its kind organised by JICA for any African country. It is therefore my fervent hope that JICA, and for that matter the Government of Japan, would support the Government of Ghana to implement successor M&E projects, to broaden as well as deepen M&E knowledge and skills of Government officials, at all levels of governance in the country utilising those already trained by this project.