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Draft Brochure for National Conference

The Government’s determination to move Decentralization forward has been evident in the formulation of critical policies over the past four (4) years.  A review of the experiences from implementing the provisions of the Fourth Republican  Constitution,  Decentralization and  Local  Government  gave birth  to the 2010  De centralization  Policy  Framework and  Action  Plan, the  Inter- Ministerial   Coordinating  Committee (IMC C) on Decentralization and the passage of LI 1961.   

An important lesson from the review was the importance of economic self-reliance of local authorities.  Decentralization without adequate and predictable resources hampers the capacity of Assemblies to deliver meaningful decentralization and responsive and timely local level developments.

Over  twenty  (20)  year  of  implementing  the decentralization  programme  geared  toward effective local  governance, there have been a number of efforts to improve the capacities of Assemblies for internal revenue generation.  

Amongst others, Revenue Improvement Action Plan (RIAPs) has been prepared; outsourcing revenue collection, identifying and sharing best practices and strengthening property valuation have occupied attention.   However, a lot of these efforts have been on pilot basis or have not been sustained to derive their full import.
Within  the new  Inter - Governmental  Fiscal  Framework  (IGFF)  and  the accompanying  Local Economic Development (LED) Policy, Public –Private Partnership Policy, Street Naming and Property Addressing Policy as well as National Operational Guidelines on Street Naming and Property  Addressing  System,  specific  guidelines  on IGF  to provide systematic  support to Assemblies and empower them to be pro-active and strategic are urgently required.

Brochure for National Consultative Conference on Strategic Guidelines to Optimize Internally Generated Funds (IGF) in Ghana [pdf, 10.50MB]

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