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Michael Ayesu

Michael Ayesu, is the Director of External Resource Mobilization – Multilateral Division, in charge of overseeing economic relations between Ghana and its multilateral Development Partners. The DPs comprise the World Bank Group, African Development Bank, European Union, United Nations Systems, BADEA, IFAD and OPEC Fund for International Development.

Previously, he served as a Senior Advisor and Ghana’s representative at the World Bank, where he provided technical advice to the Executive Director on all policy and operational issues that were discussed and approved at the Board. He also served concurrently on the Budget and HR Sub-Committees of the World Bank Board between July 2008 – July 2013. 

Prior to this he was the Head of the World Bank Unit in charge of a wide range of activities that seeks to strengthen the relationship between the Government of Ghana and the World Bank Group.

Mr. Ayesu is an international development expert with over 25 years experience in development and aid management.

He holds a Master of Philosophy in Monetary Economics from the University of Glasgow, UK and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology from the University of Cape Coast.



Michael Ayesu

Coordinating Director - Operations
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