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Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Co-Managers



The Ministry of Finance of the Government of Ghana requests a written proposal from reputable domestic financial institutions and investment dealers licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Co-Manager(s) for the 2019 international funding programme.

The 2019 Budget Statement and Economic Policy outlined Government’s intention to raise up to US$3.00 Billion using a variety of instruments from the International Capital Markets (ICM) to finance critical capital expenditures, growth related expenditures and for liability management. This is consistent with the Medium Term Debt Strategy (MTDS) of Government to adequately finance the budget at the least cost and a prudent level of risk.


As a capacity-building measure, the Ministry plans to appoint Ghanaian investment Banks/ Finance houses as Co-managers to assist the Lead Managers in the funding programme. The Ministry will select the Co-managers through a separate selection process.



1. Applicants are hereby invited to submit a written proposal to address the following requirements:

     a. Profile of firm, general description of your firm;

     b. Provide the names and relevant experience of the professionals, including key sales and distribution personnel, to be assigned to this program, with a description of each individual’s role;

     c. Provide your firm’s qualification to serve as a Co-Manager. As such, please discuss a description of your firm’s underwriting capacity and distribution and marketing capabilities locally and internationally co-managed by your firm during the last five years; and

     d. Evidence of secondary market activities by your firm in support of the development of the domestic fixed income market and statistics of your trading volumes over the last five years.


2. In addition, interested applicants must provide the following valid certificates, copies of which must accompany the EOI:

  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • Valid Social Security Clearance Certificate;
  • Valid VAT Registration;
  • Certificate of Incorporation; and
  • Certificate to Commence Business.



The Ministry reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the selection process or the transaction at its sole discretion and will not be liable for expenses incurred by proposal submitters.



Please submit four (4) hard copies and an electronic version of your proposal to the following address no later than 17:00 GMT, 25th January, 2019:
Ministry of Finance
Finance Drive, P.O. Box MB 40 Accra
Main Block, Room 312
Attention: Director, Treasury Management Division



Please contact for further information if required.



Please note that this EOI is opened to ONLY domestic firms (51% shareholding by Ghanaians).