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Ghana Pitches its Investment Potentials to International Community on the Sides of Ongoing IMF / World Bank Annual Meetings

Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta is challenging global investors to put their money behind Ghana’s growing economic opportunities.

At a well attended investment pitch on the sidelines of the IMF / World Bank Annual meetings, Minister Ofori Atta reiterated the Akufo-Addo government’s efforts at creating the most business friendly economy in Africa. 

He invited investors to pay particular attention to opportunities in the Financial Services, Industry and Agriculture sectors as these hold high prospects of safe investments and high returns in the coming years.

Speaking at a Ghana Investor Meeting on the sides of the IMF /World Bank annual meetings, Mr Ofori Atta said the strides made in stabilizing the economy coupled with relative currency stability alongside the improvement in the energy situation signaled a beginning of the improved business friendly environment in Ghana.

He said the government was keen on building irreversibilities into the gains made so far to ensure that they are not quickly eroded.

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