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Public Investment Division

The PFA unit will provide the core functions of public investment management and monitoring within the PID. In this way it will be the gatekeeper of the PID and establish and maintain a database that will provide all required information and data on public investment.

The main functions of the unit will be to:

  1. To provide investment guidelines, project development and preliminary screening and formal project appraisal as well as the selection of projects and budgeting for funding;
  2. To provide information, analysis, strategic research and necessary advocacy to ensure that the Government plays the lead role in public investments identification and prioritisation, and that public investment programming is based on adequate strategic guidance, solid analytical work and reflects the national public investment policy;
  3. To establish a comprehensive database that will allow Government to capture, track and analyse critical information on capital investment projects funded under the domestic and external capital budget, covering the entire life cycle of the public investment system, starting from the submission of project proposals to screening and approval on to tracking progress, budget execution, monitoring and evaluation of the results.
  4. To ensure coordinated implementation of the key public investment policy measures; to strengthen coordination of the whole capital budget process and strategic overview of the Public Investment Program and the "PPP" program;
  5. To provide advice on institutional, legal or regulatory framework, economic and financial reforms and capacity building issues affecting public investment and establish and agree on standards and criteria for project preparation, screening, ranking and selection including PPP’s to all ministries, departments and agencies;
  6. To enforce "PPP" institutional and legal framework, regulations and procedures;
  7. To apply screening and selection criteria on large and medium scale projects ;
  8. To coordinate and guide government negotiating teams for large public investment projects including "PPPs".
  9. To develop and prepare draft internal framework, regulations and guidelines of the PPP Approvals Committee;
  10. To review "PPP" and joint venture proposals and to advise the Minister on the merits and the strategies of "PPP" procurement or joint venture;
  11. To provide custom and user-friendly reports, charts for the use of management to support public investment decision-making and for policy analysis etc.
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