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Intergovernmental Fiscal Framework Action Plan

The IGFF Implementation Action Plan is designed to support the Government of Ghana’s Decentralization  Policy  Framework  (2010)  and  the  National  Decentralization  Action  Plan (2010) which aims to improve public service delivery efficiency and accountability, promote a more equitable distribution of services and resources across the country and enhance more accountable and responsive governance and public service delivery.  

The proposed IGFF Implementation Action Plan builds on and further expands upon those fiscal decentralization reforms originally identified in the 2008 IGFF document.  Cognizant of the reform progress to date, a number of reform activities to support the decentralization framework haven  been  identified to guide all aspects of expenditure, revenue and  service delivery arrangements between the national and sub-national levels of government and those public financial management activities at the district assembly level. 

These reforms necessarily include a combination of central level and district level reforms to empower  both  central  and  district  level  government  with  the  authority,  responsibility, resources  and  capacity  to  guide,  implement,  monitor  and  deliver  the  highest  quality  of governance and service delivery needed to promote greater economic and social development in Ghana.   

To ensure success, these reforms must necessarily be sequenced, implemented, monitored, evaluated and adjusted in a strategic manner cognizant of the political, administrative and fiscal opportunities and challenges as identified in the National Decentralization Action Plan.  

The  following  IGFF  Implementation  Action  Plan  activities  have  been  identified  to  be undertaken during the period 2014-2018.

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